About JBS

Ladies and gentlemen – welcome to Junior Bed Store. Neither my wife Jenny nor me ever thought about registering a website (or blog I should say), until about two years ago, when she got pregnant and our whole life changed. 9 months later our junior, called Michael, inspired us to completely change and restructure all sorts of fittings and furniture in our home.

Even our dog Denny made us do things we’ve never imagined that we would even consider them. For example, last month we completely renovated our bathroom and if you are wondering, what our dog has to do with it, then you should check out our new post.

But for the most part, it was our junior who made us think that it would be a terrific idea not only to change the way our home looks and feels like, but also to write down our experiences so our friends and relatives could follow along.

Now, the funny thing is, it’s not just people that we know who read our blog, but unexpectedly people from all over the world! Blogging about our home projects is now our biggest hobby and it just feels great when you know that your site is being read by dozens of people – every single day. And the audience is still growing!

With that being said, I want to thank all of you who make us feel motivated to keep going restructuring our home and writing about it. Thanks for all of your feedback and messages!

Greetings from Berkeley,
Brad & Jenny